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Nektavite bird feederWe at Nekta-Vite love our beautiful, diverse and precious birdlife. Our aim is to promote a natural and healthy approach to enjoying our special birdlife.
Nekta-Vite is a vitamin supplement specially formulated for birds and has been used by bird lovers Australia wide for 30+ years - read About Us.
Australian Made & GrownNekta-Vite provides both the Vitamin Supplement and also the Bird Feeders. Nekta-Vite is proudly produced in Australia.
Nekta-Vite supplement is a boon for bird enthusiasts. Using Nekta-Vite in your garden encourages birdlife to your home in a natural setting and supplements the natural diet of local birdlife.
Nekta-Vite has a varied range of products that can be used with ease by anyone, just have a look at our Online Shop where you can Buy Now. Our secure payment system offers Credit Card and PayPal payment options, and you are still welcome to send a cheque or Money Order, or pay by bank deposit.
If you would like more information about Nekta-Vite or even have a story or feedback to share you can contact us at anytime. We would love to hear from you!

Nekta-Vite is all about Birds in your Garden - a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed by all ages!