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Birds in your Garden

Birds in your Garden

Birds in your gardenIn establishing your own garden bird sanctuary the benefits are manifold:

  • the pleasure and joy of our varied gregarious bird life in your own open air aviary;
  • active participation in the preservation and conservation of our wildlife;
  • a positive contribution to maintaining the balance of birds, plants, insects and other wildlife;
  • helping in the creation of extended protected areas across the country.

With national tree planting gathering strength every garden sanctuary helps forge "corridors" of havens across the continent.

The AVIAN WAY by Nekta-Vite is produced as a guide to supplementary and natural foods for birds, the selection of safe insecticides and fungicides, insects (good and bad), charts, and native plants and trees with their flowering periods, size and bird life attracted, plus many other types of information. After many years of trial and error Nekta-Vite offers a wide range of hanging garden bird feeders for both nectar and seed eating birds.