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Recipes for using Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement

NEKTA-VITE VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT for birds is a specially balanced formulation for wild native and aviary birds. The formulation, after extensive field and stability tests, was submitted to and approved by each of the Australian Departments of Agriculture.

The most important acceptance has been from the best indicators of a healthy environment and ecological balance – OUR BIRDS.

NEKTA-VITE nectar is non-fermenting – the Solid Food (or cake mix) and Seed Cone are not subject to fungal growth.

Many nectar formulas, particularly sugar and water (apart from their minimal nutrient value), ferment fairly rapidly and the resultant alcohol generated is absorbed by the birds, causing loss of co-ordination to the degree they have difficulty in avoiding obstructions, often-suffering bodily harm.

The addition of infant vitamin drops to sugar and water is liable to ferment and is not a suitable vitamin balance for birds – for emergency use only, not continued use.

NOTE: Honey is a prohibited additive to supplementary foods for native birds. Honey is extracted from the cellular beeswax by heating to 80 degrees or by centrifuge. Neither process will inhibit certain bacteria and viruses which can be lethal to birds by simple cross infection.

You can use Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement in the following ways:


For all nectar eating birds – honeyeaters, lorikeets, etc

  1. Part-fill a litre jug with water – warm water will hasten solution;
  2. Add half a cup (100g) of sugar to the water;
  3. Add one level teaspoonful (2g) of Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement to the sugar and water;
  4. Stir until sugar and Nekta-Vite powder have dissolved then top up the water to make 1 litre and pour into the Nekta-Vite nectar feeder.

NOTE: Although we caution that the activity in some vitamins in the made-up nectar begin to diminish after seven days, the shelf-life of the dry Vitamin Supplement is eighteen months. For convenience, 4 to 5 litres may be made up at a time and stored in a cool place without material loss of activity, or stored in the refrigerator well labelled as being for bird use only. For aviary and caged birds Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement is an excellent additive to drinking water – half a teaspoon (1g) of Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement to 1 litre of water.

Solid Food

(Cake Mix) for small insectivorous birds, silver eyes, etc

  1. Dissolve 2/3 cup (130g) sugar in 100ml of water;
  2. Dissolve 1 level teaspoonful (2g) of Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement in the resulting syrup;
  3. Weigh out 400g of pollard, bran or similar crushed grain, place in a mixing bowl and add the Nekta-Vite syrup – mix thoroughly;
  4. Weigh out 400g of beef dripping, melt over gentle heat and add to the grain/syrup mix;
  5. Finished food is now ready to be firmly compressed into 250ml (disposable) plastic containers – store in refrigerator or cool place until set;
  6. To extract from the container stand in hot water until loosened, up-end and tap out the cake.

NOTE: The above quantities produce 1 kg of solid food, conforming to vitamin content per kilogram. Approved preservatives are included in the formula.

Nekta-Vite feeding trays are fitted with a central spike to take the solid food or seed cone.

Seed Cone

For seed eating birds, finches, sparrows, doves, etc.

  1. Mix together 3 level teaspoonfuls (6g) gelatin powder, 4 level teaspoonfuls (8g) glucose powder and 1 level teaspoonful (2g) Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement.
  2. Place 200g bird seed (canary or budgerigar mix) in a separate mixing bowl;
  3. Add 1 teaspoon (4ml) glycerine to 50ml of hot water then stir this mixture into the gelatin/glucose/Nekta-Vite mixture until the powders dissolve;
  4. Add this mixture to the bird seed in the mixing bowl and mix thoroughly;
  5. Select two 250ml disposable plastic drinking containers, lightly grease insides with margarine or vegetable oil, cut lengths (120mm) of plastic drinking straw to place in containers and firmly compress the seed mixture around the straws;
  6. Allow to dry at room temperature for 7 to 10 days (depending on weather conditions) then the dry seed cones may be tapped out of the containers and hung inside a further 3 days to harden before hanging in the tree.

NOTE: To suspend the seed cone (or solid food), take a suitable size metal or plastic jar cap with a hole punched in the centre, feed a length of light gauge wire through the straw in the cone and through the hole in the cap and suspend from a light branch. Nylon fishing line can be used instead of the wire to discourage possums if necessary. The length of the line limits the size of birds able to gain an effective purchase on the seedcone.