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The History of Nekta-Vite

Nekta-Vite was first sold in 1984.

Before that time, two gentleman were apparently enjoying a toddy of whiskey or two, on a front lawn in South Yarra watching the birds flying by. A comment was made it would be nice to have the birds visit for awhile.

One of these gentlemen was Mr Linley Woolcock (PH.C.,MPS.), a pharmacist; the other, Mr Fredrick Wiltshire (of Wiltshire knives fame).

So started the idea of Nekta-Vite vitamin supplement and bird feeders.

As a teenager I remember seeing feeders in many different colours and shapes, until Mr Woolcock worked out the colours that attracted the birds and the shape that worked for the product. He developed the formula for Nekta-Vite, which now has a worldwide patent on it. He sold the products from his pharmacy at 3 Claremont Ave in Malvern, Victoria, and also through advertising in the Your Garden Magazine among other places.

Phone orders with the 1800 number also proved to be very popular.

On retirement from pharmacy, Mr Woolcock focused on Nekta-Vite until his death. Then his daughter-in-law Jane took over, with help from his son Warren and their children. This went on until their children finished university. With Warren being a solicitor and a barrister, life was very busy.

Thus I was given the opportunity to move the office and work up here to our farm in Jindera where we have been operating the business since 2001. We have now down sided and moved to Kiewa in Victoria, in 2018.


Jane Barlow